Set up a Google Search Console in 2020

Set up a Google search consoles in 2020

Don’t you wish Google just told you, How to increase website performance? How to get more search traffic? How To Deal With Website Crawl Errors?

And How To Identify mobile usability issues? and How to Find and fix AMP errors? Well, they do. Today, I am going to teach you how to get more search traffic using Google Search Console.

Set up a Google Search Console

Google Search Console was also previously referred to as Google Webmaster tools.

If you have not signed up for search console. Yet it is completely free you can easily verify your website with Google Search console. Using Google Analytics, using Google tag manage or doing it directly where you have your domain name registered. Let’s start.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

This tool offered by Google. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Central is called google search console. This is a free service of Google which gives you services to control the data of your website in search engines. What you should and should not show in the search engine.

In May 2015, Google rebranded it as Google Search Console.

What is Google console?

What does GSC stand for? What does GSC mean? GSC stands for Google Search Console. GSC is a collection of resources, tools, and reports to help website owners, digital marketers, web developers, business owners, and SEO.

It is designed to track your website’s and your post's search performance in the Google search results. When people are typing in specific keywords, that bring up your website or blog post. You can track all of that; I’ll get into everything that you can see.

It'll also provide you some reports in terms of any error or issues you have with your website indexing in Google. Whether it’s the desktop version, mobile version, and AMP version.

If you have any security issues on Google. It’ll track you with that you can look at your backlinks, internal links. It is a great search engine optimization tool specifically for Google.

Features: Tools and Reports of Google console tools

What You Can Do With Google Search Console? What are the benefits of using Google webmaster tools? Why do we use Google Search Console for websites?

  • Submit your Sitemap.
  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • View Google Search traffic data for your Site.
  • Receive Alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, server errors, or other issues on your site.
  • Show you which sites link to your website.
  • Troubleshoot problems for AMP, mobile usability, and other search features.
  • Understand how Google Search sees your pages.
  • Inspect individual URLs to find technical or indexing issues.
  • Review your website’s coverage in the search results.
  • Monitor your top search posts, pages, queries, and countries.

How to add your website to Google Search Consoles?

How to add my website in Google? and How to add your site to the Google Search Console?

Set up a Google Search Console

  1. Go to Search Console Home Google.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Clicks, “Adds a property.”
  4. You can either add a property with a domain, or you could use a URL prefix. I would just recommend using a URL prefix at this point.
  5. Enter the URL on the URL prefix. If your site supports both Http:// and https://, add both as separate sites. You must also add each domain (for example,, and
  6. A tab continues a button.
  7. After clicking the Continue button, you will have to verify your website that you own.
  8. Click on settings: settings are going to be in the on left-hand side down towards the bottom.
  9. Click on Ownership verification. You will see five methods to verify ownership. Like.
    • Google Tag Manager
    • HTML file
    • HTML tag (my recommendation): Copy snippet code and paste in between “” sections of your homepage’s code.
    • Google Analytics.
    • Domain name provider.

Set Your Target Country on Google Console

If you want to your website is ranking in a specific country. Then you can demand Google to target the users of that special country.
  1. Go to the old version of Search Console Google.
  2. Click Search Traffic.
  3. International Targeting.
  4. Click the “Country” tab.
  5. Check the “Target users in” box.
  6. Select your target county.
  7. Click on Save Button.

If you are concerned that by choosing a country. Your website will not appear in the search results for different countries, then you are opinion completely wrong. If any of your pages are useful and relevant to other country audiences, then Google will show it in search results.

Setting a destination country helps Google know your aim audience and promotion your site ranking in local search results.

How to add a sitemap on Google Search Console?

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file in which all the URLs of your website or blog live in one place. A sitemap helps in showing the URL of your blog in the search engine. Let me say directly, a sitemap is a short index of all the posts, pages, links of your blog. In which the search engine can easily search the URL you need, these are very small files filled with the total URL of your website.

How to create a Sitemap for Blog?

There are many tools online on the internet to create a sitemap for the blog. There are different sitemap generator for WordPress and blogger. Here we are talking about bloggers, so I have created my blog a sitemap on the XML sitemap website. the post read how to create a Google Sitemap for your website or blog?

How to submit sitemaps to Google?

The sitemap is filled with your website URLs. If you add a sitemap to your website, the search engine will crawl your website better. Although it does not boost your search rankings, it can help to index your content faster and crawl better.

  • First of all, make a sitemap of your blog, click here to create a sitemap.
  • Submit Blog to google webmaster Click here to submit a blog to Google Search Console?

Step 1:
  • Log in to the Google search console and click on the URL of your blog.
  • Now click on "Crawl".
  • Click on the Sitemaps option.
  • Click on ADD or TEST SITEMAP.
Step 2:
  • As soon as you click on Add/text sitemap, a small popup window will open on this page, in which you have to put "Sitemap.example" in front of your blog's URL. (Example - sitemap.https: //
  • Now click on Submit Sitemap.
Step 3:
  • Now refresh the page once or click on the sitemaps on the left side. Now the sitemap of the rest of the blog has been added to the google search console. "Pending" will be written in front of the sitemap URL, which means you have just added a sitemap to GWT and it will take a little time to activate.
  • This process can take between 5 or 7 minutes to 1 hour so you have to wait. Will happen.
Step 4:

When the sitemap of your blog becomes active, you can see in it how many URLs the google search engine has submitted a sitemap, you can see both indexed and submitted URL's in it, you can see posts, pages URL as well as the result of website images and videos. You can also see as well as in this screenshot you can see the sitemap of my website.

After the sitemap is activated in the Google search console, the google search engine will start submitting your blog posts, pages, images, and videos and visitors to your website will start getting better. If you have any problem with adding a sitemap in google webmaster or you have to ask me something then do it now.

How to find websites that are not mobile-friendly?

In today's time, more than half of the searches are done by mobile. That's why Google gives mobile-friendly websites a better rank in search results.

This tab describes the mobile usability issue for your website or specific page, meaning that your site or page is not mobile-friendly. We recommend checking it daily. If your site is not mobile-friendly, then your site rankings in mobile search will be affected.

You can see the affected pages by clicking on the error. Most mobile usability issues are caused by poorly coded WordPress themes or plugins.

Final Words

So Guys, This is my own 'Set up a Google search console | How to Use Google Console | Google URL Inspection Tool', I hope you find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all "Webmaster tool | How to start webmaster toll | How to start search console". Thank you!

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