Play Microsoft’s new surf game inside the Edge browser

Play Microsoft’s new surf game inside the Edge browser

The Microsoft's Edge is now available to everyone.
Just like Google's Chrome Dinosaur game, Microsoft released a new Easter egg game on the Microsoft Edge Browser. That way if you run out of Wi-Fi or you know if something's going wrong with your internet. You'll be able to play this offline game. 

The Google chrome Dinosaur jumping over cactuses that's 2018 and 2019 you know this is 2020 now it's time to surf. Microsoft edge surf game supports Xbox one controller, the Xbox adaptive controller keyboard mouse touch screen all that good stuff. 
Play Edge browser surf game

Microsoft's Edge browser is based on Chromium based, which means it going to have features available in the Google Chrome browser. Guess what, it also has a secret game which that works online.

About Microsoft Edge Browser Surf Game

The Edge surf game is very similar to SkiFree, but it's free. Without further ado let's just drive on it. I have done a few rounds you probably saw that at the top. 

But the goal of this is just to survive as long as you can. You have three lives, I mean there are power-ups and stuff you can get extra lives as well. It seems I can kind of go endlessly to the left or right as well as there's no limit on that. 

How to Play Surfing Game in Edge Browser

First, you Update your Microsoft Edge browser to the latest version v83.0.478.37.

Method 1: 

It’s an official offline game inside Microsoft Edge. Now, disconnect your internet manually or lose your internet connection.

Tab on the Launch game button and you will be able to play Surf game in Edge browser Tab page.

Method 2 or on the one hand:

To find the surfing game, type edge://surf/ into Microsoft Edge address bar and tab or press enter and game will load instantly and you will see the following screen:

On the game welcome screen, you will see the character select screen. Use the left and right keyboard arrow keys and space bar to select your favorite character and start playing surf game.

Microsoft edge Surf is an endless runner game in which you have to play as a Skier. Your goal is to protect from yourself from the avoiding obstacles and cover more distance and make a high scores . Just down on the analog stick kind of does a speed boost which holy crap we are flying. This is really fun though you know it's just fun having these little tidbits in Microsoft edge.

There are three game modes available:
  1. A classic surf mode
  2. A time trial
  3. A zig zag or slalom mode
There is a high visibility mode toggle that makes it easier to see obstacles and a Reduced speed mode which slows down the surfing speed.

All the game’s controls are explained in the menu, too. Tab the menu button and select “How to play edge browser surf game” to see the control schemes for keyboard, mouse, and game controller.  Chromium based edge browser is fast than old internet explorer browser.

Why don’t you try the game and share your experience with us? Also, let us know which one is better: Chrome Dino game or Edge Surf game?, good luck against the sea monster!

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