Google Chrome Can Now Alert You If Your Passwords Are Hacked

Google Chrome Can Now Alert You If Your Passwords Are Hacked

To curb cybercrime, Google has presented a secure extension for its web browser Chrome, the world's largest search engine company. This extension has been brought to hijack online hacking. The special thing about this extension is that you will not be able to see it again after installing it in your browser. But if someone tries to tease his password, he will stop him from doing so.
Google Chrome Can Now Alert You If Your Passwords Are Hacked
Google Chrome Can Now Alert You If Your Passwords Are Hacked

Google's password-checking extension will notify you when you log in to your account. This extension has more than 4 billion users, more than 40 million users, but so far the extension data has not been erased. If any information or information related to your personal information is present in the database in an attempt to trick you, it will notify you if you change your personal information. It works in ways that work like your personal security researcher, which advises you to change your password and username from time to time. This extension instructs you instantly when searching for information about the hack of your account.

According to Google, this extension is designed to keep user's credentials confidential. Even Google does not know its database. In addition, it also works to hijack programs like hijacking. This extension gives you advice on a regular basis so that you can avoid the dangers of getting account hacking. Tell us, in the last few years, many such incidents such as cyberbullying and cyber crime have been reported from leaks. Because of these incidents, many users, photos, videos etc. 'S personal information has been affected. Due to Facebook data leaks, data about 80 million users affected last year. In this case, this extension removes the tension of your account in a big way.

Password is being compromised? This Google Chrome extension will alert you to your password!

Password insertion extension for Chrome

This new extension is for Chrome browser and will warn users if they get stolen in password breaks or if they get hacked. In addition, it will help users to re-secure their accounts.

This extension will be 1.18 MB and will be available in 54 languages ​​- including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and many others.

How does it work?

Unless you have a browser in Chrome, your system needs to have password protection installed. Affected by a data break, it will help to re-secure your account.

Once you sign in with your username and password, the extension will first explore a database of more than 4 billion credentials, which was previously part of a data break. If a match is found, the user will be promptly notified and will be promptly asked to change their certificates.

It also asks users to change their credentials if they use the same credentials for other social sites.

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