TRAI-Channel selector app add channels, pick and pay Channels

TRAI-Channel selector app add channels, pick and pay Channels

The rules and regulations of the changed cable and DTH will be effective from February 1, 2019 by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI). Before that, users must select their favorite channels. At this time, each channel comes with its fee. Additionally, the advertisement of individual channels for individual channels is also shown on TV. This means that you will have to pay to see it now. But there are many users who are confused about choosing channels. As a result, a new web application has been launched by TRAI to facilitate channel selection process.

The Chanel Selector app will recognize the user's choice and list the channels. Also, the MRP will also show you the channel you want to choose from. This app will ask users some questions. On this basis, the user will show a list of his choice channels. Users will also find monthly rentals along with TRAI's new app.
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Step to use new TRI channel selector App:

  • To use this application you need to go to
  • Then click Start, which will appear below. Here are some questions you will be asked.
  • First, the user has to provide information like his name, state and later style preference.
  • When a user answers all questions, there will be a list of channels according to your interests.
  • Users can choose their favorite channels and get information about their monthly rental plan.
  • Then click on the right-hand side of the selection button.
  • Free channels, paid channels, total payable, GST tax and network capacity charges (NFC) etc. The information will be provided here.
  • In addition, the list of free channels is shown on a monthly rental.
  • On the left side of the Channel Selector app, there are many options like Prices, HD / SD, Style, Broadcaster and Language. Users can set the filter according to their needs.
  • The Optimize button will also be placed on the 'View Selections' page. Here you will see a cheap package too.

If you have any queries about TRAI new rules for DTH channel list? places comment!

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