Most Used Apps In India


Most Used Apps In India 

Indians spend most of the time on video streaming apps According to an analyst firm Fan Anne's 2018 report, it has been exposed. In the past two years, there has been a huge increase in the app downloads of devices from around the world. According to India's Mobile App 2019 report, the app downloads grew by 165 percent in India at the same time.
Most Used Apps In India
Most Used Apps In India 

The average time of the app increased by 50 percent compared to the 2016 figures. According to the report, while using less than 35 applications on monthly basis in 2018, more than 68, the average consumer smartphone app in India.

Top apps downloaded in India include Facebook, Messenger, UC Browser and WhatsApp. Customers are spending terms in Netflix, Tinder, Hotstar and Vigo Live in India

For 2016, 2017 and 2018, there was no app expense time in the video streaming app for all markets except China. In India, YouTube, Hotstar and Geo are top apps in an expensive time.

Most of the globally-used social and communications applications have announced the 2018 User Engagement Chart per WhatsApp Messenger. In fact, the Facebook ownership-instant messaging app and Instagram are at the top of social apps in India.

Indians spend most of the time on video streaming apps According to an analyst firm Fan Anne's 2018 report, it has been exposed. In the last two years, India, Australia, Indonesia, users watching the South Top have spent 140% of the 5 video streaming apps at Korea and Thailand spending time. Only 185% increase in India

According to the report, when users downloaded the total of 194 billion apps for your Android and iOS over smart phones in 2018 in 2018 around the world, 170 billion apps On the other hand, in India, the app downloads have increased by 165% over the last two years.

Indians installed 70 apps in their phones

  • Last year Indians installed an average of 70 apps in their phones. Of these, he used only 35 apps a month South Korea was ahead in this case. Here, 105 applications have been installed in one device
  • In the meantime, YouTube, Hotstar, TV Live, Amazon Prime Video and WIPE top five applications, Indians spend most of the time.
  • Similarly, Netflix is ??the most downloaded app in the country. After that, Tinder, Hotstar, Biggo Live, Livme and Alt Balaji Paid app were downloaded.

The most active users of WhatSupport in India

  • According to the report, the most active users in India are with the WhatsApp in 2018. Next is Facebook, Seyrit, Facebook Messenger and Trucolr, MX Player, UC Browser, Instagram, Amazon and Paytm.
  • However, the application was downloaded in India: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, UC Browser, Votsaep, Seyrit, Tiktok Vega Video, Hotstar, Trucolr MX Player.

Most Facebook Messenger Downloads

Facebook has said in the Facebook messenger serials report that most users worldwide are in terms of download conditions.
The most active Facebook Vicat and 5th, the list of users, Votsaep II, Facebook's third messenger released on Instagram. However, the apps I have more on Facebook are Messenger Messenger, others, Votsaep third Facebook, Instagram on Tiktok and 5 fourth top positions.

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