How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

It is necessary for ordinary people or specific people to get everyone to the internet. So most people have started Internet access in their home. Making Wifi users in their homes, the Internet system is fully updated. In such cases, sometimes it may be that the Wi-Fi does not work properly in the house. As such, Internet speed is low and you are unable to work. This is a complex problem that many users have troubled this time nowadays. We will tell you some tips in this article that will speed up your Internet speed.
How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed
How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

1. Put the router in the right place

It is important to place the router in the right place to increase Wi-Fi speed. The router's correct space improves Wi-Fi speed. WiFi Signal Aomni, who works with the director, will continue to be good for you at the home router. Try to keep the router equal to or above your eye level. From this Wi-Fi signal, it will reach the furthest corners of the house.

2. Use the revision

Wi-Fi range can also be generated by repeating. The reproducer enhances the coverage area by taking a cigar from your router. By WPS it can easily be a connection with a repeat. For this, you need to press the WPS button on Repeater to enable WPS router. From then on it will connect automatically.

3. Set up a guest network

It happens so often that many guests come home and ask for a Wifi password. Then your internet speed decreases. In this way, you can set up a guest network in your router. You get wireless tabs on the router's administrative settings. There you will see the option to turn on the guest's network.

This guest network can give you a name and password. Then, if a guest asked you for a WiFi password, then you can give it a guest network password. In it, you can also set the number of devices connected to the router. That is, you can limit it. If a device is using too much internet data, you can also remove or block it.

4. Check the USB port

Check the USB port in your router's port. If you can also multi-function your router Wi-Fi signal after Bodkast visible USB port II. In this, you can also connect external hard drives and printers. How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

5. Change the password

You should always change your Wi-Fi password. This is often the number that you do not change your Wi-Fi password for the month. In the meantime, if you tell a friend or neighbor that you have a password, then they are used for that month. This reduces the speed of the internet in your home. So, keep changing your Wi-Fi password.

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