How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers | Viruses

How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers or Viruses

Today we are going to tell you 14 easy steps that can help you protect your smartphone from hackers and viruses. In fact, at the present time, the smartphone is not just a means of speaking, but it is our need. Your personal data like photos, videos, and banking accounts are stored on a smartphone. In this case, having a smartphone hack or having a virus in it means that it is harmful to our personal data. So you know which five ways you do not need to worry about hackers or viruses.

How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers | Viruses

How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers | Viruses

Easy ways to save Smartphones From Hackers | Viruses

How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers | Viruses: The Android operating system is the world's most popular and popular OS of smartphones. It is also the most commonly used OS, as well as more potential targets for hacking. Support of the application on Android devices is unlimited, but there are many dangers too. A slight mistake or inadvertence can cause a loss of your personal data.

If people who use the Android device do not take precautions, their device may be hacking. It is important to follow some rules or safety rules to protect the device from hackers' attacks. Let's know, the same rules with the help of which your device will be safe and secure.

What kind of hackers?

According to the Russian Cyber Security Company, Kaspersky, there are three things that are focused on hackers before thinking about hacking: (1) Most of the OS (2) OS programs use or do not use the most (3) Whether there are some flaws in it or not.

According to the Semantic Security Threat Report 2014, Android mobile phone users have more freedom to download and install the app. As such, hackers have increased interest in this free OS.

How is the app at risk?

Hacking is often used to steal money from a bank account, to steal or sell any person or government-related data or private data. For this reason, it is a matter of concern for cybersecurity experts.
CEO of Mobile Security Company Coolspen told Forbes in 2013 that it's easy to hack some of the features of Android's Camera and Mike. The issue of concern is that such hacking tools are easily accessible online.

According to the 2013 Symantec report, such software is available for free. It's easy to create new malware, which is similar to a real app, using another tool to cheat consumers.
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (to read CERT-in), Dr. Android, to help others to send premiums to your expenses and to steal your data, we believe in Gulshan opinion, your online, apps are dangerous.

Their number is increasing. Criminals are also creating a Banking Trojan app that can steal information from your phone to the bank password.

Cybercriminals have used methods that encourage customers to download malware apps.
Security expert Ajin Abraham says that free and vulnerable apps make phone consumers feel comfortable.

Abraham says malware is also designed to attack certain companies. Many apps may be part of a government-backed attack.

14 Easy Ways to Save Smartphones From Hackers | Viruses

1. Do not 'download' anything

While downloading an app, remember that you download the right website and company app.

When a particular app launches, many of you download it now. Taking advantage of this, hackers provide malware by the same name, which many people download by accident. You do not know that the third phone is getting information about its activities.

2. Read the Guidance Page

According to Pranesh Prakash, policy director of the Center for Internet and Society, it is important that you approve the app before installing the permission license.

If an app asks for permission to read the permit according to your phonebook, do not install it.

The light that has the right to use a free and open source OS. Confirming security claims in other
types of OS is not easy.

3. Fixed Backup

Dr. Roy says that it is very important to back up the phone's data. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your data.

4. Think about Google-Free Android

According to Vikram Krishan, independent researcher, and technical advisor, customers do not know that buying Android phones is bound to Google.

Disabling of any third-party application is an important step in protecting user privacy. But installing 3rd party apps on Android is easy.

On Google, without the Sainojen Mod, it can be seen as a safe way to use an Android phone such as F-dried, Replikant, and other Foss OS.

5. Make sure to Use Updates

Krishna says that no software is produced in a single day, it should be examined again. Despite this, the chances of anemia are sustained.

Company issues update due to getting company information Definitely download and install them.

6. Updates are Always Free

Abraham says that while watching different versions of Android, Google's latest 5.0 Lollipop is safer than the old OS. Many Android phone companies do not issue updates, which directly threaten the security of customers.

7. Avoid Unsafe Wi-Fi

Nowadays, you get Wi-Fi networks in many places but avoid Wi-Fi networks that do not have the right information for you to be safe.

Never share sensitive bank account numbers, credit card passwords, sensitive data on public Wi-Fi.

8. Make Sure To Keep Anti-Virus

Needless to say, keep the anti-virus safe to protect the phone after using the Internet. Keep them updated from time to time so that your anti-virus is ready to fight new threats.

 9. Use The Correct Password

From your social media to banking apps, you use strong passwords and passwords. The longer the password, the greater the chunk it will be. Use the unique password too. For example, if your password is the password, set it P4ssW0rd. Now you can see yourself which password is more difficult or easier to hack.

10. Turn On Phone Security Features

Use a security feature like Face Unlock, Fingerprint, or Pin in your phone. This will prevent your data from being misused if your phone is stolen or stolen somewhere.

11. Component Authentication

You get this feature in more online services. The advantage of this is that if someone knows your account password, then he can not do anything. Actually, when password 2 element authentication is accessed securely, the system sends a code to your registered mobile number. Your account is opened only after you interact with this code.

12. App Updates

Delete it if you do not use an app, In addition, keep the apps you use up-to-date. Actually, updates for phones and apps with changing technologies have been issued. With these updates, your phone is equipped with the current security feature, which reduces the risk of viruses and hacking. But if you do not update your smartphone, this means that the technology has grown but you're working on the phone's old look. These way hackers make hacking your phone easy. Besides, the viruses can easily come into them.

13. Use of Anti Virus

Anti Virus is a good way to protect the phone from viruses and hackers. Anti-Virus Hackers also work to protect your phone from hackers as well.

14. Use Encryption

Use full device encryption on your phone. Latest features include the latest features Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple and Blackberry are not using in Apple iPhones and BlackBerrys.

If you do not have this feature on your Android phone, use the Encryption app.

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