Top 15 Must Have Android apps for Blogger

Top 15 Must Have Android apps for Blogger

Today Android becomes a very popular and fast growing OS platform for tablet and smartphone devices. Our smartphone could become our computer due to their features, portable, easy to handle, reliable and quite fashionable. As a blogger, we should take advantage of these fashionable smartphones and make blogging more convenient or easier. To make your blogging life easy there are thousands of Android applications available on Google Play store and other apps stores, but if you check all those "Best Android Apps" then it shows that most of them are worthless and installing them does not give you any benefits. Let's start "Top App For Blogger".

Android apps for Blogger

So I created a list of top best 15 android app for power bloggers which will help you to organize your blog from your smartphone and your android phone. You can use these apps for making your life much easier than ever.

These apps are free on Goole Play store so you do not need to spend your money on these android apps. If you are not an android user don't worry all there apps available on your IOS and blackberry store.

The following are 15 free Android apps or Top App For Blogger that you should look and download if you are a raging blogger who regularly updates many blogs. They do not cost anything; so try them on your phone.

Android App for Blogger | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone

To day here I'm Going to share some "Android apps for Blogger  | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone" | "Top App For Blogger " for you guys. So that by this 'Android app for Blogger  | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone' article you can properly learn about Blogging with smartphone.

1. Choose your Blogging Platform

    a. WordPress

        So basically WordPress is a free platform initially developed to build blogs but nowadays is used as a content management system for many websites.  A large number of developers are choosing WordPress as a solution when setting up their website did you perceive advantages of the platform.
So if your blog is on WordPress then you must download this app because this app lets you easily create a new post, page etc. and easily write new articles.

With this, you can also manage the statics of your website and find out how many people are visiting your blog and they are reading your posts. That's why this is the very best Android Apps for WordPress users.
Android app for Blogger WordPress

    b. Blogger

        The Blogger helps you to compose and publish a new post on the go easily. You can publish new posts and edit old posts without a computer. Blogger app allows you to view blogger statistics, blog performance and other details from your Android phone.
Android app for Blogger

2. Google Drive

     Google Drive is one of the best safe storage places for all kinds of documents including Images, Videos, Word Documents, audio and many others in the Cloud. To save files, you can upload data to Google Drive and share its link anywhere.
Android app for Blogger: Google Driver

3. Google Analytics

    The next app is Google Analytics; it helps you monitor your website real-time traffic on the go. If you want to view your website real-time audience location, the behavior of your audience, website analytics and goal conversions of your audience. This app uses to improve your site traffic.
Android app for Blogger: Google Analytics

4. Google AdSense

     Blogging and Earning is done, then Adsense is the best option. From which you can apply Adsense ads to your blog, and Adsense gives you money for those Ads

So if you also use Google Adsense, you must install this app in your Android Phone so that you can properly analyze your Earning and Ads Performance and Improve Your Earning.
Android app for Blogger : Google AdSence

5. Writer

    Doing things using blogging and using your smartphone is not easy, especially when there are so many distortions on the screen. Apps and upcoming notifications are the most common productivity killers. The Writer app is a strip-down word processor whose purpose is to solve this problem by providing a distortion-free writing environment within your smartphone or tablet so that you can fully concentrate on creating text content with peace of mind.
Android app for Blogger : Writer
Download: Writer

6. Photo Editor

    Using Images to make Blog Post more effective is the most common but problem is that to edit the image you can use the Photo Editor App and edit your image.

With the help of Photo Editor App, you can do different things in your image like Edit Snap Image, Crop, Draw, Rotation, Resizing, Adjust Color Scheme, and much more, to make your image even more effective May be.
Android app for Blogger: Photo Editor
Download: Photo Editor

7. Google Keep

    Google Keep is another Google product with is a very useful app for blogger and content writer. With the help of Google Keep you can store your images, post idea and add photos or just drow on your photos and more.
Android app for Blogger |  How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone
Download: Google Keep

8. Grammarly 

    The Grammarly is one of best app or tool for a blogger and content writer. This app helps you write mistake free. Grammarly helps u find and fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors wherever you rite, errors that other spelling and Grammarly also helps you refine word choice and style, making your writing clear and compelling all the time.
Android app for Blogger |  How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone
Download: Grammarly

9. Dictionary

    It is very important to know the correct meaning of any word and if you talk about blogging then the Importance of Words increases even more. Therefore, it is very important to have a dictionary app on your phone.

Dictionary From you-you get 2,000,000 Words of Meaning and Synonyms. The most important thing about this app is Features like this App like Audio Dictionary, Word Origin, Idioms & Phrases, Word History, Voice Search, Favorite Word etc Make your blogging even more effective and easier.
Android app for Blogger | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone
Download: Dictionary

10. Buffer App

    A lot of people want to share their latest article link with all the popular social media sites in just one click, so that their articles get to promote and they also come in views from social media sites, if you want it too You install Buffer App in your Android Phone

Because with the help of the Buffer App you can share your latest articles with just one click on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. Best Android Apps
Android app for Blogger |  How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone
Download: Buffer App

11. Evernote

    Evernote is a very useful app where you can save your ideas or capture ideas that came to mind when you are out and about. You can make a note, do sketches, record an audio clip, checklists and it also has an organized workspace. All these materials will then be synchronized to all of your devices so that you can be sure that all your notes are easily accessible through your phone, desktop, and browser.
Android apps for Blogger: Evernote
Download: Evernote

12. Pocket

    For bloggers, it is more important to keep complete information on any topic so that they can write your article more effectively, so we have to read many articles on the same topic too.

But Max people are upset about what to do when they are not running their Net Connection so you can use the Pocket App because Pocket App provides facility to save your articles.

By which you save the relevant articles to your topic first, then even if your Net Connection is closed then there will be no problem because you will be able to read your saved articles.
Android app for Blogger: Pocket
Download: Pocket

13. Feedly

    Feedly is the RSS feed reader app, if you subscribe to your RSS feed in Feedly, you can read the latest articles or posts from any site. You can also subscribe to many RSS feed sites to get the latest updates in one place. Feedly is very famous in bloggers and blog authors.
Android app for Blogger |  How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone
Download: Feedly

14. Disqus

    The Disqus App provides the facility to manage the comments you have received on your blog so that you can reply to comments on your blog and stay connected with your visitors.

Replying to comments on blogging becomes very important. Therefore, Disqus App helps you manage your Comment.
Android app for Blogger |  How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone


    If you publish a new post on your website or blog, If you want to share the new post to all social media then IFTTT will Help. Using IFTTT automatically be shared on Twitter or other social media as per your choice, this feature will help automate the process of sharing Blogspot bloggers. A lot of automation dishes are available to make your blogging work easy and productive at IFTT.

Android app for Blogger | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone: IFTTT

Download: IFTTT 

"Best Android App for Bloggers | Top App For Blogger" In this article, we have tried our best to get all the apps you need so that you can do Proper Blogging. Let us tell you to click on their heading to download all of these apps and in that new tab, you will open that app in Google Play store.

Final Words

So Guys, This is my own 'Android app for Blogger | How to start Blogging | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone', I hope you find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all "Android app for Blogger | How to start Blogging | How to start Blogging Using SmartPhone". Thank you!

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