How To Activate Voice Control On Android Phone

How To Activate Voice Control On Android Phone

Facebook Messenger now can voice, answer, reply and message, how to talk

The social media company is making a Facebook voice command feature and calls on chat and messenger platforms. After estimating the media report, users will be able to send messages and send messages shortly after this feature by voice command. Plus, you'll also be able to set up voice calls and reminders. A Facebook Messenger spokesperson confirmed that the company is testing the voice command feature.
How To Activate Voice Control On Android Phone
How To Activate Voice Control On Android Phone

The voice command feature will make Messenger easier:

A Facebook spokeswoman said that the company is operating on a variety of features about the company's employees' messenger. Let us know that Voice Control feature makes Messenger easy to use. Previously Facebook Messenger had been seen in speech transliteration testing, which is part of the Aloe Voice Assistant. It is believed that this new feature is part of Facebook's upcoming portal video chat screen device.

According to a report, Facebook Messenger wants to show its platform different from SMS, snapchat, Android message and other text message platforms. See, 130 million people worldwide are using messenger.

Apart from this, Google has also launched an app that will work with all phones only voice. This app is named as Voice Access.

Know the details of this app:

This app will help users navigate through apps, discussions, writing and text with Google. Besides, users can do many things without this app. According to Google, this app will be useful for those who can not use the phone. This app is made by remembering such people. In addition to this, Google states that this app will also work better for people suffering from rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Learn how Google Voice Access will now be able to open all applications by speaking

Google has launched new app voice access for Android users. Originally this app is designed for hands-free control. This app was made available in the first beta version. Now it has been reported to you that with this new app you can navigate your app, speak to Google Assistant and write text. Let's know how Google Voice Voice's new app will work.

Works like this

After activating voice access on your smartphone, you will be able to access all the applications with your voice. Suppose you need to type or type something, you just have to say OK Google. Besides, you can also use this new app to open any app. If you want to delete something by writing, you have to say 'Delete the Line' and the entire line you wrote will be deleted. In this way, if you order 'listen stopping', then what you say by listening to it will type and it will end. With the help of this app you only have your smartphone's WiFi, Bluetooth etc. You can also turn on or off. You can also control the volume of your smartphone.

It would be beneficial for the people

The Voice Access App is designed by keeping Parkinson (people who can not use phones manually). In addition, this app will also help those suffering from Arthritis and Spinal Cord. Plus, this app is useful for those who are doing many things at the same time and want to use their phones too.

Download from here

You can download the Google Voice Access app from Google's official Play Store. This Google app currently supports English language. But then they will also support other languages.

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