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Google Launch Cloud Storage Google One In India With 2 Months On Annual Subscription

Tech company Google has launched 'Google One' cloud storage service in India. The cheapest cost of this storage service is Rs. 130, which gets 100 GB of storage per month. The most expensive plan is Rs 19,500, which will be given up to 30 TB of storage per month.
Google Launch Cloud Storage Google One In India With 2 Months On Annual Subscription
Google Launch Cloud Storage Google One In India With 2 Months On Annual Subscription 

Now every month 15GB of free storage is provided to Google users, in which users can archive their emails, documents and Google photos, but Google One will now have to subscribe to get more storage.

Users can share Google One Plan with their family members. The Storage Plan 5 will be able to share with family members. In addition, Google Play credits will also be offered to users, through which they will be able to purchase games and apps from the Google Play app. There is also an option for which users can talk to experts. Experts can retrieve information related to Google products and services. In addition, users can avail of a number of additional benefits including Google Play credit and hotel discounts. At the same time, users who use paid subscriptions to Google Drive users will be given more attention to users.

After subscribing to Google One, users can also share the storage available to 5 family members of their family. This is to create a family group, in which 5 members can be added. There is no need to spend extra for this.

Not only this, if the user also shares the storage available with his family members, his family members can not see their personal documents.

All plans for Google One Plan

  1. 130 GB data is being given 100 GB per month.
  2. 210 GB per month is being given 200 GB data.
  3. Rs 650 per month is given 2 TB GB data.
  4. 6 TB data has been given Rs 6,500 per month.
  5. Twenty TB data is being given for Rs 13,000 per month.
  6. Rs. 9, 500 is given 30 TB data.

Google is subscribing for a free 2 month subscription on the selected annual 12 month pricing plans. Consumers can purchase 100 GB, Google 200 GB and 12 months to 2 TB One Storage to save money for two months. Users must add money to their Google Play Store account before purchasing subscriptions.

It is to be interesting to note that Google One user could get your private storage space to all be able to share with five family members to your collection so.

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