What Is Google's My Activity Page?

what is Google's My Activity Page?

If you want to receive any information, you will be able to find Google. All these details are available for more than 20 years. Information about your internet usage is available through my website at myactivity.google.com. This is the only way to register your internet industry. Let's see today, what is Google's My Activity Page?
what is Google's My Activity Page?

Google search has become a password for today. The details of what you do on Android Mobile, Google Maps, Google Drive and YouTube are also stored on Google. You have a blurry idea. But, 'Internet' will be used today to learn about how to gather information about your Internet usage.

What is the Google Activity Page?

My Activity Page means that you can register as a registered person in the last few years with Google's help. In it, the details of what date has been made with the help of Google website has been made available. So you have searched on Google search using the news any other way or other, found that km images, discovered, what use and how many places to use, and ensure detailed specifications comes with what comes, shopping , Which videos on the YouTube app marketplace. This means that, if you delete all the details from the history of the browser, the details remain on this activity sheet in Google. If you go to this page, you will see Facebook Timeline activity. In the menu three horizontal lines, you can select this option from the right side of the page to see the details of each bundle. Google's Web History tool will now be converted to my Activity page. It will not make any difference. On the other hand, more details from the History tool, you will be able to get this activity on the page.

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What do you use

Google uses your information primarily in two ways. One of the methods is trying to give you better service by using your information. For example, if you set up location services to start, it offers details of what features Google properties are all around for a while. Apart from this, to create a personal service that uses the other. Google that you will often find the MDigitalEra  Technology Bolg Search option 'If you find a search mdigital word "big" in the MDigitalEra  Technology Blog like search box' In addition, Google has provided details of your business in some forms of commercial use, on the privacy page you provided.

Do all the details appear?

In this context Google does not show all the information you received on this activity page. If you want to see that information, you have to go to the Google My Activity Page menu icon and select the 'Other Google Activity' option. In this you will see more Google tracker. Including Google, Google Play Sound Search History, your gadgets related to YouTube videos.

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Will it be removed?

You can remove all these details. Google uses your explanation to enrich your Google experience. This is the reason that this information has been opened for you and you can remove it too. If you want to delete an activity, by selecting that activity you can choose by selecting and deleting three timepieces. You can release some details you should be going in the same period, you can continue to dot information about the duration options. You can then delete that information. In addition, you can remove information according to the product according to youtube and image search. If you want to delete your 'search term', search for 'search terms' in the search box on the Actions page. Then click on the three dimensions to select the deletion option.

How to control Google My Activity Page?

Google has given the same settings for any page that gives good personal settings. In this menu, click on vertically three dimensions. There will be such an option in the Activity Control Act. Select that option. When you select this option, a list of your movements can be viewed back on Google. These include options like Web and App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube History. Next to these options you will see a toggle. Toggle the activity that you do not want Google to register. In addition, you can use the 'Manage records' option not only to record and keep information about which product.

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