How to Keep your Internet Banking Safe From Hackers

How to Keep your Internet Banking Safe From Hackers

How to Keep your Internet Banking Safe From Hackers: We often see in the news that 50,000 rupees have been withdrawn from one of today's accounts. Someone is shopping with a credit card or withdraw from someone's ATM card. Most people do not use the online banking service because they will not be hassled by banking fraud. However, let us know that due to negligence or negligence of the customer, the banking scam has become a part of it. Today we will tell you to avoid shocks via ATM, NetBanking, Credit Card and Mobile Wallet.
How to Keep your Internet Banking Safe From Hackers :
How to Keep your Internet Banking Safe From Hackers

How To Avoid such frauds from ATMs

It is easy to get money from ATM machines and most people use it. You can withdraw money from your bank account by knowing the number and PIN of your ATM card through ATM machine. You need to take this precautions to avoid this.

  • Before withdrawing money from an ATM, you should make sure that ATMs placed in front of you can not access ATMs with you.
  • After inserting your debit card into ATM machine, always insert a pin with your own hands. Sometimes hackers can read their PIN numbers via a micro camera.
  • Never share PIN numbers and card numbers for ATM cards or debit cards. Behind the debit card, the CVV number is written, remember and overwrite the CVV number with the black Permanent Marker so that no one can recognize it.
  • After removing the money from the ATM, remove the transaction slip and remove the trash. This transaction slip has the last 4 digits of your debit card, and allows hackers to remove other information about your account, along with important information on the bank account.
  • Do not share your OTP (One Time Password) number with any person. The bank does not ask you about your OTP anytime.

How To Avoid fraud with such a credit card

  • Every credit card and debit card is written on the back of the CVV number and write it with the CVV number Black Permanent Marker so that no one knows it. Sign your place at the place of signature.
  • Do not pay your card when you buy in a petrol pump or restaurant. When you make a payment, you can complete the transaction by taking a machine in your hand. Once your credit card information is in someone's hands, it can copy the information about your card or clone your credit card.
  • Now all banking companies follow the two-level verification process. In this case, if you have an OTP (One Time Password), make sure that you are not transacted by any other transaction except you. If you think like this, block your card immediately or else you have to bear the loss.

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How To Avoid such frauds in NetBanking

Since all banks have started using CBS (Core Banking Services) using technology, people can easily avail of banking facility. Nowadays, most users use the Net Banking facility. The benefits of this NetBanking service may be a loss. However, you need to be careful to avoid losses.

Whenever you use NetBanking services, make sure that the website you open is not valid or not. Firstly, check the spelling of your bank's website for the first time. Generally, the spelling of clones or fake websites is not correct or populated.
In addition to spelling, check that the web address you entered at the beginning of the website is safe for green color. Also, make sure that your banking website does not start with https: //. Generally the next lead and secure website comes green.

Whenever you use NetBanking, you always enter a username or customer ID and password from the virtual keyboard. The reason is that, sometimes you download something from the Internet, that board-reader viruses are downloaded with it. When you type something, this virus can record your user id and password and send it to hackers. In this way you can avoid banking fraud.
When you add an addition to an online transaction, you have an OTP. Simultaneously, do not forget to log out of your account after using NetBanking.

How To Keep Mobile Wallet Safe

Whenever you have a patio, Airtel money, Geo Money, Vodafone M-Money, Mobikivik etc. You will have to create an account when using Mobile Wallet. You create this mobile wallet account with your mobile phone. Always lock your mobile wallet by locking or locking it by fingerprint sensors so that your smartphone can not use this mobile wallet if handled with it.

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Will you get money after banking scam?

If you have been cheated from your account according to Reserve Bank of India's guidelines, you will have to tell the bank and the police within three days of the transaction. In this case, the bank will know who has done this fraud by mistake. If you are fraudulently mistaken, then the bank has no responsibility. In any fraud, if the bank is wrong or obstructed, your entire payment will be refunded. In many cases it has been found that mistakes are made only by users. They are victims of any deceptive calls and share their account information, OTP etc.

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