How does Google search actually work?

How does Google Search Actually Work?

Google recently searched for Google Helper and its newly upgraded features. Apart from this, Google has presented Google assistance advanced version of "duplex" with the help of "Artificial Intelligence. You have seen information about this in the last week's article. Through duplex, the user can call, shop or hotel information. There is no doubt that 'Google Assistant' will work just like your personal assistant. A Google technology is introducing a new technology. However, Google has given us this technology, the service 'Changchun', how it works, how Google works and how does it work?
How does Google search actually work?

Based on new product data submitted to Google Millions of data is collected through Google every day These products have been developed based on this data. Many of those who do not know Google's services, items or a variety of things, Google's owner Sergey Brin are not remember today. Through many mediums, the work of collecting information related to Google continues. Most people do not care whether their confidential information has been stolen or not. Currently, there are a total of seven Google products, each product has an estimated one billion active users. None of these seven products can be turned on without user data. Google's products are implemented by controlling the user's data.

How does Google know the information?

Using information from all your users, Google is filling up new products on your behalf. So many people have questioned how your personal information is set up on Google. In fact, talking about it, this information is being handed over to Google itself. Can not believe him? Actually Google is giving you this information. The more products you use on Google, the more information you uncover. Again, whether you use Gmail, or on your Android mobile operating system, you are using a YouTube-tube Google Drive, Google Maps, or Google search, but to easily transfer your information to Google Started. Through it all your personal data is collected by Google. Not only this, your email has been scanned by Google. The e-mail has been scanned and its main word has been received. Such advertisements are sent to affiliates through this key word. Therefore, when using all Google products now, it is necessary to do this. So that the user's personal information will not be stolen and it will not be misused. For such type of information visit mdigitalera .

Product latex; Millions of earnings

Although most of the products are being offered by Google, but the revenue received is very large. The use of these products is also big. Advertisements are being made to advertise the user's location and interest. Revenue is only levied from advertising companies. This is why Google earns $ 2.1 trillion (January-March) $ 2.1 trillion net income in the first three months of the current year.

Google to sell information?

Google is constantly scared of disclosing your information to all types of service providers. They worry that your information has been sold by Google or not. The company uses Google's customer data to add to the privacy policy services or service. In addition, data is used to increase services or to maintain service quality. In addition, the company is using this data to answer or provide further information related to the questions. So there is a question mark on how much of Google's reliability.

Nine times more data than Facebook

According to how much Google user data is due to you, you will definitely understand that information ... Information Technology Consultation Dialing hit Facebook, after all the data they downloaded are so full of hundred megabytes in file size. However, when Google data was downloaded in the same way, the data was found to be approximately 5.5 gigabytes of GB. This means' almost nine times more than facebook ... Think ... how anyone gets angry with you, then strangers keep an eye on your home and list, with camera shutdown Share one. Even if the government asks for your personal information, then it is upset. However, in the case of Google, we hand them over your personal information to them. By presenting this information on Google, you display your ignorance.

What can the user do?

If such data is stolen from Google, then the user needs to view the 'Google' online dashboard. Accordingly, you can change the advertising settings to see the ads you want. These unwanted ads can be removed. In addition, the user can also eliminate their geographical location data. Through it, Google can also monitor your activities. For more tech information visit mdigitalera.

What will Google data do?

The question is what will Google do with this data in the future, behind the story of this data? The most important yank-type data for Google is very important. Google is currently making huge money by selling these data to companies. In the near future, the possibility of making large amounts of money by adding 'this data' to 'Artificial Intelligence' can not be ruled out. Continuous products are being offered by Google. Despite this, the user receives a little bit of revenue from this, even if the company is collecting data in large quantities. There is a possibility to use this data elsewhere. Unless this data is used to misuse, it is a good thing for the user. However, for commercial use of data, it is likely to be a major headache for the user.

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