Honor 9N Specification, Features | Honor 9N Review

Honor 9N Specification, Features | Honor 9N Review

Nowadays smartphone smartphones are among the most smartphone smartphones in the modern world. Most people use a smartphone. Also, young people are always interested in the newly launched smartphone. Every new smartphone wants to buy young These people pay more attention while purchasing a new smartphone in front of the phone.
Honor 9N Specification, Features | Honor 9N Review 

Nowadays, the importance of self-cameras in smartphones has increased significantly. For this reason, companies making smartphones pay more attention to the camera in their production. A few days ago in the honor of the company brought the mid-range smartphone honor 9 n market onarane into a Chinese smartphone. The company has taken care of the phone's selfie camera. This phone is similar to the camera camera itself, because of its beautiful appearance, design, color people. We will tell you about the Honor 9 N Selfie Camera in detail.

9 4 1 large 2.0um pixels, which converts 4-in-1 light fusion small pixel N16 megapixel selfie camera respect. It can catch good pictures even in low light. In addition, this smartphone also has a mixing algorithm facility. Selfie camera comes with portrait mode so that your face can be identified in the image. This feature, when we take a decision of your own: If you need to move your hand and click, your picture will be.

Honor 9N 16 megapixel selfie camera

The respected company is very interesting to manage the budget in the mid-budget smartphone camera camera presented before the user's face, and presented. The 16-megapixel selfie camera puts a lot of color or color combination to shoot pictures of the smartphone. In addition, the 9th Self Safari camera will not disappoint you in charging the lighting conditions.

The 4-in-1 Light is what you have to do to distribute the fusion method, basic process when low light camera bright 4 pictures transformed into a small 1 pixel large 2.0 meter pixels. To illustrate this in simple language, the camera provides sveli 4-in-1 light 4 fusion, which will convert small pixels into 1 large 2.0um pixels. It can catch good pictures even in low light.

Smart Portrait Mode

Honor 9 N Camera allows you to take voluntary with the effect of deep throat. This budget smartphone has a smart camera with smart port mode. As a result, you will get more standard portrait mode than the rest of this phone. In addition, the Blending Algorithm facility is also available in this phone. With this feature, this phone will recognize your face in low face. Once known as Face, the book creates the effect of software that creates camera driven in portrait mode. Due to this, pictures appear beautiful and extremely unusual bankruptcy.

Honor 9N 3D beauty effect

The phone's selfie camera also has 3D beauty effects. But if you heard the smart alphanumerical beauty mode beauty mode, this phone is something special in the beauty of the phone. It is effective in the number of effective, efficient, real life compared to the rest of the smartphone. Honors has named this unique feature as a 3D-beauty effect. It uses Beauty Mode by using Beauty Sex which comes with sex beauty mode. This particular phone or cell phone software understands the difference between taking men and women, and to do according to their own use of effects.

Hand gestures and moving pictures

Onarsane Nn also creates your experience that some nodal gestures are added in the camera app. Once you set the frame, and the front camera captures the right shot, rotate your hands for you. They click on the images in blurry shots and great image mode for your net profile pictures.

In addition, the camera can be used to muvhinga picture mode that it can capture a small video that can be used as a GIF or customizable specific frame for a moment. This is a feature we usually see in Premium Segment smartphones.

AR effect and background

In addition, you will get many AR effects in this phone's auto camera. So you can also get the option of aggregation background. To make you look good and smart for your photos, you can use the AR filter in this phone and you can spend time in the background by clicking on Shotgart.

This means that if you are happy to upload pictures to social sites like Snapchat and Instagram, then this phone's own camera is right for you because this phone has all the features of the camera. Overall, the 9-inch 16 megapixel selfie camera has all the properties to create super natural and picturesque pictures and budget range smartphones.

Speaking about some other features of this phone, there is a full visual demonstration with 5.84-inch FHD in 9 N-4N. The screen has a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels and the ratio of 19: 9. Due to the flowover display, the body body is 79% on the screen. However, there are over 90% of some premium offers in the market. This sample gives a clear-looking display with a screen space. What is the specialty of this smartphone? The smartphone's camera is a dual rear setup. The camera has 13 megapixel primary sensor and 2 megapixel second sensor. Respect comes with 9 N and many great features. It has a Wi-Fi bridge that connects you to the hotspot network as a hotspot network. It can connect up to 4 devices. The device running on EMUI 8.0 also has a split screen facility for multitasking. In addition you can add 2 more devices with smart dual Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, Honor 9N includes many facilities.

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